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Agrobotiga La Serra

Agrobotiga La Serra
Branding, Web & Social media
Francesc Mestre, Francesc Guasch

The need

Agrobotiga La Serra is part of the Celler Masroig family, a
wine cellar located in El Priorat. Our task was to create a
new brand for this new grocery store that followed the
trend and breathe the same air as Celler Masroig, because the
customers and users do not feel displaced when buying online.


The aim was to build a new website where to sell the products of Celler Masroig together with other products from the area. To do this, we set up a new online store that was not only used to sell products, but also so that people could learn more about La Serra d'Almos and its surroundings (activities, accommodation, routes, wine tourism...) .

Social media

Once the brand and website were built, our mission was to spread the content and grow as a community. Therefore, we create a new Instagram profile and a new visual identity for the brand and your communications on networks. We establish a content strategy, both to promote the products and the environment of the Serra d'Almos.